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Share Your FEW Memories

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethanol Industry Innovation: Share Your Memories of the Ethanol Industry

As we commemorate 40 years of the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo and celebrate the ethanol industry, we are asking for you to share photos you have from early years of the ethanol industry and the FEW. These images will not only be a trip down memory lane, but may also become a significant part of our promotional efforts. Your submissions, if selected, will be featured across various platforms to showcase the rich history and vibrant community of the ethanol industry.
  1. Ethanol Producer Magazine Social Media Spotlight: Your photos will take center stage on our social media channels, reaching a wide audience and evoking nostalgia while highlighting the milestones achieved over the years.
  2. Promotional Video During the General Session: Selected images will be woven into a promotional video, a visual narrative that tells the story of four decades of innovation, challenges, and triumphs in the ethanol industry.
  3. FEW Website: The pictures will also be displayed on our official website, serving as a testament to the enduring spirit and evolving nature of the ethanol sector.
By submitting your photos, you're not just sharing a memory; you're contributing to the legacy of the ethanol industry and FEW. Each image will help illustrate the journey of this dynamic industry and its pivotal role in shaping our energy landscape. We eagerly look forward to your submissions and thank you for being a part of this special celebration.

Or simply send your photos to service@bbiinternational.com. Please ensure to include the names of the people in the photo and the year the photo was taken. Deadline Is March 31st.

Note: The photos will not be given to a third party and will only be used by BBI International to promote the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

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